When you're short on time but still need to create surface patterns, here are some tips to help you create quick designs:

1. Start with Simple Motifs: Begin with basic shapes, lines, or simple motifs that can be easily repeated and arranged to create a pattern. This saves time compared to creating complex and detailed elements.

2. Utilise Pre-made Elements: Consider using pre-made design assets you created for art prints or from doodling, that can speed up the design process. These assets provide ready-to-use elements that can be quickly incorporated into a pattern.

3. Use Design Software: Many design software programs, like Adobe Illustrator, offer pattern preview mode for surface patterns. These preview modes provide a starting point, allowing you to focus on arranging your motifs quickly.

4. Explore Seamless Pattern Generators: Online tools and applications, such as seamless pattern generators, can assist in creating repetitive patterns effortlessly. These generators offer various customisation options, allowing you to quickly experiment with different layouts and motifs.

5. Opt for Simple Colour Palettes: Stick to a limited colour palette to save time on colour selection. Choose a few complementary or harmonious colours that work well together and create visual impact without the need for extensive colour experimentation.

6. Focus on Speedy Techniques: Experiment with fast techniques like using shape tools, pattern brushes, or applying effects to quickly generate visual interest and variation within your pattern designs.

7. Repurpose and Recycle: Look back at your previous designs or unfinished works for elements that can be repurposed or incorporated into new patterns. This can save time by building upon existing assets and reducing the need to start from scratch.

8. Set Time Limits and Prioritise: Allocate specific time slots for pattern creation and stick to them. Prioritise the essential elements and focus on creating a visually appealing pattern within the available time frame.

9. Batch Process: Create a series of patterns in a single design session by utilising similar motifs, colour schemes, and/or design elements. This allows you to build a collection of related patterns efficiently.

10. Embrace Imperfections: Accept that in time-limited situations, not every detail will be perfect. Focus on creating patterns that are visually appealing and functional, even if they're not as intricate or refined as you might achieve with more time.

Remember, while these tips can help you create patterns quickly, it's essential to balance speed with quality and creativity. Allow yourself time to refine and review your designs, ensuring they meet your desired standards before finalising and sharing them. Always take the time to walk away from a design and come back to it a day or two later to ensure you are happy with it.

Happy designing!!
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